About the Program

  • The Tell a Friend Program is designed to spread the word about the Rixty payment option that lets users pay for their online entertainment using cash.

  • Who Can Participate

    All Rixty users who have a Rixty account with a valid email address may participate.

  • How It Works
    1. Login to your Rixty account and go to the Tell a Friend page www.rixty.com/tellafriend or your account settings page.
    2. Use the sharing tools to forward your unique link to your friends and fellow gamers, or post it on your favorite social networking site.
    3. Once your friends click the link, they will be connected to your Rixty account. Once your friends click the link, they will be taken to the Rixty homepage. For each friend who signs up for Rixty and redeems $10 or more into their Rixty account, you will get a $1 credit in your account!

How can I get free Rixty?

  • Email your link to friends and fellow gamers
  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social network
  • Post it in the forum at your favorite game
  • Limitations and Terms
    1. Rixty reserves the right to change the terms and conditions governing the Tell a Friend Program or end the Tell a Friend program at any time.
    2. Each Rixty user is limited to 25 Tell a Friend bonus awards each month.
    3. It is against the Rixty terms of service for an individual to create more than one Rixty account. If a user is suspected of creating more than one account, their account will be suspended, and all remaining Rixty value will be forfeited. For further information read the Rixty Terms & Conditions.
    4. Rixty uses a cookie placed on the computer of users who click a referral link in order to determine the Rixty account to credit for the signup. Users who limit the use of cookies on their computers or remove the Rixty cookie will not result in an account credit for the referrer. As a result, some users who sign up and spend with Rixty will not result in a credit for the referrer. Only users who have a valid Rixty cookie at the time of signup and code redemption will be subject to this program.
    5. For the referrer to receive credit, the referred user must have a valid Tell a Friend cookie, and must have signed up for Rixty and redeemed a minimum of $10.00 into their Rixty account within 30 days.
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